Paige Sabrina Harris

Paige Sabrina Harris is an accomplished artist and creative force based in Edmonton, Alberta. Originally from Vancouver, she spent her formative years in various small towns across Saskatchewan. In 2013, Paige set her sights on Calgary, driven by an unwavering determination to pursue her artistic aspirations. Art, for her, has always been a refuge – a realm of poetry, pottery, sculture, and painting that provides solace and purpose.

In 2017, she proudly earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in sculpture from the esteemed Alberta College of Art + Design. Following her graduation, Paige honed her craft in a prop-making studio, mastering a range of skills including sculpting, wood-working, welding, painting, and hard-coating to breathe life into her creative visions. Alongside, she managed to establish a small ceramic home studio and launched her business, SunDay Ceramics, in 2019. Then, in 2021, a pivotal decision unfolded - she bid adieu to her previous role and dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the flourishing of her artistic venture and the further development of SunDay Ceramics.

As the proud owner and operator of SunDay Ceramics, Paige orchestrates an independent ceramics business, meticulously curating a digital presence, capturing the essence of her creations through expert photography, and weaving compelling narratives across social media. Within the sanctuary of her home ceramics studio, she prepares materials with precision and finesse schedules with care. Her discerning eye keeps inventory in check, a delicate dance of raw potential and cherished final pieces. You can also find her at the heart of local markets, both sharing her craft and adeptly managing the intricate business side.

Beyond her personal atelier, Paige recently embarked on an enriching Artist Residency at cSPACE, a testament to the collaborative spirit that fuels her art. Alongside fellow artists, managers, clients, and skilled hands, they wove art into the fabric of the community, seamlessly blending creativity with tangible spaces. Additionally, Paige has played a crucial role in the production of numerous murals around Calgary, always maintaining an active involvement in the community.

Paige also boasts a rich background in Gallery and Museum establishments. In 2016, she assumed the role of Gallery Assistant at The New Gallery, contributing her expertise to the setup and takedown of exhibitions. Publications found eager recipients, and she enthusiastically engaged in membership fairs and gallery openings, each occasion a vibrant celebration of artistic expression. A year earlier, in 2015, Paige immersed herself in the diverse offerings of the Humboldt & District Museum & Art Gallery, serving as a Museum & Gallery Assistant. Curating, installing, and preserving exhibits became second nature, as did her adeptness in guiding inquisitive school groups through the captivating world of art and heritage. 

Artistic Practice

While Paige's pottery production is visually playful and innocent, her artistic practice takes on visceral subject matter, comparing and correlating suffering to the human experience. Harris's work raises the question: Can there be beauty in suffering? Rather than submitting to the habitual response of running from pain and struggle, Paige attempts to magnify and cradle it, to place pain high on a pedestal and honor it for how it strengthens us.

One creation that holds a special place in Paige's heart is the Mopey. It originated as small sculptural forms and has since expanded to include larger Mopey sculptures. Mopey represents feelings and challenges us to confront and embrace them. Paige hand sculpts a variety of Mopeys in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Each Mopey has its own unique personality and expression and serves as a tangible reminder that you're not alone in your emotions, encouraging acknowledgment and processing.

While sculpture and ceramics have been major focuses in her practice, Paige possesses a diverse skill set in photography, wood-working, welding, mixed media, and painting. She is experienced in 2D and 3D painting, employing techniques such as acrylic, oil, spray paint, spray gun, and airbrushing. Her expertise encompasses both large and small scales, including exterior and interior painting techniques.

Paige's artistic expression extends beyond the visual realm into the realm of music. She explores acoustic guitar and songwriting in the melancholic genre of indie alternative music. Inspired by her life struggles and unique perspective on the world, her music serves as a medium for expressing and understanding her emotions, particularly related to her mental health issues and trauma.

Harris encourages her audience to view their work through the lens of their perspectives, provoking questions about the human experience. She aims to reduce the stigma surrounding trauma and mental illness, encouraging vulnerability, compassion, and courage in the face of suffering. As Viktor E. Frankl wrote in 'Man's Search for Meaning,' "But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer." 

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