Paige was born in Vancouver British Columbia, in 1995. She grew up with her twin sister Summer and older brother Brennan. Paige and her family moved from various small towns in British Columbia and Saskatchewan struggling with finances and her parents struggled with addiction. Paige and her sister moved out at 15 due to the addictions and toxicity of their family's environment. After working fulltime at McDonalds and still managing to graduate high school she moved to Calgary Alberta to pursue her degree in the arts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture in 2017. Upon graduating she landed a job at a studio in Calgary creating large and small scale props for Dentists, Children's Hospitals, Libraries, Amusement Parks, etc. Paige was able to use a variety of her skills including: welding, sculpting (Styrofoam), painting, and woodworking. After 3 years of full-time work Paige quit her job to pursue art full-time. 

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Paige purchased the equipment for a home pottery studio in 2019, and started streaming on Twitch.Tv in her spare time. From there she has developed a growing community of people around ceramics, art, and mental health awareness. After 2 years of working on her own website, social media, and streaming platform and branding, she decided to quit her full-time job to pursue her dream making art full-time in 2021. 

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  • BFA- Sculpture Major 2013-2017


  • The Calgary Journal, April 6 2019.
  • Avenue Magazine Calgary, June 17 2020. 


  • 2021 - Twitch Pottery Throwdown (Judges choice) 

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2017 -  Grad Show                                                                                 Alberta College of Art + Design                        Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2017 -  Its So beautiful…                                                                     Alberta College of Art + Design                        Calgary, Alberta                   Group Exhibition

2017  - Waves Through Fog (Residency)                                  Alberta College of Art + Design                         Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2017 - Heavyweight and Breathable                                           Alberta College of Art + Design                         Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2016 -  Trained + Drained                                                                 Alberta College of Art + Design                         Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2016 - MisSALEllaneous                                                                   Ivan Gallery                                                                  Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2015 - Cellar Dwellers                                                                         Alberta College of Art + Design                         Calgary, Alberta                  Group Exhibition

2015 - Sculpture Group Show                                                        Ivan Gallery                                                                   Calgary, Alberta                 Group Exhibition

2015 - Emerging Artists Unleashed                                            Alberta Society of Artists                                      Edmonton, Alberta            Group Exhibition

2014 - First Year Studies Art Show                                             Alberta College of Art + Design                           Calgary, Alberta                 Group Exhibition

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