Artist Statement 

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I don't necessarily set out to produce art about one subject or another. Usually the pieces I make are anxiety driven, and are away for me to interpret my  thoughts, questions, and experiences. Art and craft help me tap into both my own psyche and the nostalgic feelings or creation and discovery. I work with a mixture of ceramics, paintings, photography, and sculpture. Each material conveys different experiences and I can never stick to one medium as there are just far too many possibilities.

I am very passionate about ceramics. I love the way a handful of clay can be made into anything imaginable; it may take a little practice, but it is all within that piece of clay. The reason I make functional ceramic ware is because it’s such an intimate piece of art. A handmade cup is a piece of art inviting you to press your lips against the rim and take a sip. A hanging planter serves a purpose in a home for a living breathing plant. A ceramic bowl with chicken noodle soup can sooth a sore throat. There is just so much you can create; the choices are endless.

My paintings and digital work are less products of play and more of vulnerability. With combinations of nostalgia, vintage children’s book illustrations, and references to drug use, I attempt to create an image of my mind and the aspects I question within my life. My work is usually a scrambled egg combination of thoughts, feelings, and questions that intertwines with elements of surrealism and pop culture.

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