Peach Pit

I can’t shake this 

Empty feeling

The peach pit 

Scraping the bottom

Of my wallowing stomach 

It seems to always cave in 

Once I had thought it was full

Kneeling down on the bathroom floor 

Fingers trying to smooth out

The lumpy dumpling stuck in my throat

Sometimes I can gulp it down

Most of the time 

It lingers

Like a foul odour 

Grasping at the back of my gullet


You fill me up with daisies

But I keep plucking at the petals 

Until grey ash remains 

Why can’t I stop 

Peeling away the petals

Why can’t I 

Let things be 

Immobilized by the weaknesses 

Of myself

I know for damn sure 

All this thinking is pointless 

All these drawn-out feelings 

Sunken eyes 

Leaking saltwater

I am better than this 

Today is just an off day

Accept that 

Ball today up 

In tiny fists 

Breathe a little longer

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